Simon's Blog

Hi there! My name is Simon Agius Muscat and this page contains information about myself, my experience and my work.

I am currently based in Malta and primarily specialise in Software Development. I completed a First Class Bachelor's Degree with Distinction in Creative Computing with the University of London. This degree approached Computing from a Creative perspective, with exposure to areas such as colour spaces, line drawing algorithms, interaction design, UX, AI and data compression.

My thesis was titled An empirical benchmark of various pre-processing methods used in traffic sign recognition systems, which looked at improving AI performance without changing the model, by benchmarking pre-processing methods against each other.

I have been writing software since late 2015, professionally since early 2018. It has evolved from a pure wish to automate some of the more tedious parts of my life to a creative outlet, always seeking on how to provide more value to individuals and businesses.

I am highly passionate about education, especially when it involves technology. I authored content for a book called AI in Education – A Practical Guide for Teachers and Young People. I am a visiting lecturer at St. Martin's Institute of Higher Education, currently delivering lectures related to User Experience and Mobile Interaction.

Pre-pandemic I was an avid meetup speaker and have been co-organising PyMalta meetups since their inception. Today I continue to organise internal company webinars with the aim of educating different company departments more about the technologies underpinning our business to encourage more optimal operation and collaboration.

I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Hotjar.

If you want to reach me, you can find out how on the contact page.